Our Facilitators

Robert Reusing

I have been a facilitator of Community Building since the 1980’s and was trained and selected by M. Scott Peck and the Foundation for Community Encouragement. I was also the Director of Programs at FCE. As Director I arranged both public and private workshops around the world. We have worked with groups as diverse as the US military, religious organizations, and manufacturing companies in the US, Africa, Europe and Asia. Community Building is applicable to all cultures with no particular belief system required. 
I’m currently living in the US and at times the Czech Republic. I came here because I was “called” to do the work of Community Building as it was originally taught to me. This work has touched my life as well as I have seen it touch other lives. I work in collaboration with other trained facilitators who feel a similar “calling”.


Nadja Sumichrast

I was trained by CBiB (Community Building in Britain) in 2008 and have since facilitated and participated in many Community Building processes in the UK, US, Germany and Austria.

I am Vienna-born and live in Vienna now, but have spent much of my life in the UK where I was introduced to CB, which has grown me as a person and grown my vision for what is possible in the fellowship of humans.  

I have a deep faith in God and feel eternally grateful for His companionship and guidance in my life. His Love inspires me to be me.

I also teach communication workshops and am training to become a certified Nonviolent Communication trainer.

I also run my own business in medical market research.

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